As many of you know I am currently banned from Facebook. The duration of the ban total, was 30 days and I have about 15 days left. People keep asking how I feel about it and really I’m pretty cool with it. I mean, I definitely think it was for a silly reason and I don’t really know why Facebook chooses to monitor and restrict the way convo happens but, at this point, I don’t really care. The fact of the matter is, this ban has shown me what a waste of time social media can be in a lot of cases. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great for promoting and getting the word out about different projects but the social side of it has gotten a bit boring. If you’re an inquisitive, but still opinionated,  person what you end up finding out about social media is that most people, and especially the loudest, don’t really have a point or stand behind anything, they mainly just want to feel like they’re being heard. You can try to debate almost any topic on social media and you will find that in most cases people are just repeating what they’ve either heard on the news or read on another thread. Very little independent thinking and very little real substance. People jump into threads and take the most popular stance they can take and then pat themselves on the back as if they just did or said something revolutionary. For me, on the other hand, I’ll really research things and, yes, even listen to what the other person has to say. That way even if we’re still unable to agree, at least I feel like I’ve seen it in a different way. For them, it seems to be more about, “you’re not a nice person” or “how can you say that?” Well, if you actually read what I posted you could easily understand how I “can say that” even if it’s something you would never say. A more specific example would be, my voting for Donald Trump. People would always start the convo by telling me all the things that me voting for Donald Trump meant to them and the reasons that I must have voted the way I did. Then I’d go into telling them why I had actually voted for him and they’d still frame their arguments for the person who had voted for him based on the reasons they thought someone would vote for him. Then they’d get frustrated because I wouldn’t defend the charges they were trying to level. Well, dumb ass, I already told you that that was not the reason that I voted for him, so why would I defend that? Then they’d accuse me of deflecting and I’d tell them, that I wasn’t deflecting they just needed to recalibrate their argument. Anyway, all of this has left me where I’ve started to see that the average person doesn’t want to chat, or debate, they just want to be heard. They just want to feel like someone is paying attention. It’s not something I relate to because in day to day life people really pay attention to me, sometimes more that I even want them to. In real life, people talk to me and they listen and I talk back. I know a lot of wonderful people that think differently than I do and we exchange ideas so really I guess what I’m saying is I’m not on social media for the same reasons that a lot of these people are. In real life these people don’t stand up for themselves and they don’t exercise their actual voices, they save it for social media where they can hide behind a default pic of a cat or a meme. I go on social media to have fun and sometimes to kind of get under their skin. When I return to Facebook my participation will be different from here on out. Not 100% sure how yet but I know it’ll be different. Either way, the other day I noticed that while I’ve been suspended from Facebook close to 700 new people have followed me and I still keep getting friend requests, messages and tags. Like I said, TOO MANY people paying attention to me. LOL!!! Of course, kidding on that, I do have to tell the haters, it IS nice when people actually listen to you and value your opinions in BOTH the online world and the one that has fresh air too.





  1. Tuvy says:

    Hi Thai! Very well said 🙂 Hope you’re doing well!

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