Official #Unbothered by Thai Rivera merchandise (proceeds going to a good cause)

In case you haven’t heard the latest episode of Unbothered by Thai Rivera, a very close friend of mine has lost his husband. For the last couple of months my friend has been shouldering all medical costs and personally handling most of his husband’s care. The last week which turned out to be the week leading up to his husband’s passing my friend was providing round the clock medical care for him and was unable to work. My friend is not a wealthy person and isn’t in a line of work that provides PTO. So when he’s not working he’s NOT MAKING MONEY!!! To tell you the truth I had planned on selling some merch anyway but when this happened I figured I could use this merch as a way to help my friend pay some of the bills he incurred. I know a lot people have been asking me to sell some stuff  for some time and I will definitely come up with more designs but from now until my birthday January 28th, I will be seeing how much I can raise to help my friend out. I hope you will grab something and I hope you like what I’ve put together.




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