Comics boxing at open mic

So this happened over the weekend. I’m noticing more and more that comics are finding different ways to express themselves. Whether it’s Roast Battle or one of the several different variations in different clubs/cities or even sometimes boxing. A friend of mine Mr Jerron Horton had a boxing open mic not too long ago. It was a one off and I don’t think he plans to do another one anytime soon but it was really popular for a one time show, ESPECIALLY when you consider how hard it is to get people’s attention in LA. The quick bit of boxing you’ll see below was spontaneous but it got me to thinking. Are comics just looking for excuses that allow us to express ourselves the way we always had been able to in the past? It just seems like the more that online social justice warriors try to monitor what we say the more we have to find loopholes and ways around the rules they’re trying to put on us. And while this may be a physical expression the different variations of Roast Battle might be the better example. If you get a chance, check out the clip below and let me know what you think. I know I haven’t written a blog in a bit but figured it would be good for me to get back into the habit. More to come. While you’re here take a look around my site and tell me what you think it needs. I plan to start doing more with it and your feedback would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks to the people that take the time.

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