AIDS jokes

Anybody that’s seen my full set has probably seen the jokes I do regarding having dated men with HIV/AIDS and as I say in the bit I am being 100% with EVERYTHING I SAY on the subject. I don’t really mind doing those jokes or what people think about them because they come from such a real place. The truth is I don’t think people should EVER be truly afraid of a person that has it because when it comes down to it if it were EASY to get I’d have it. There are risky behaviors that should be avoided in order to keep your status negative but the alienation andostracization have got to stop ESPECIALLY when it comes to kids. I can understand if you’re not willing/wanting to run out and have sex with people that are of positive status or wanting to jump into a relationship with someone that’s positive that’s not AT ALL what I’m saying. I just think we need to get to a point where we allow people to feel comfortable with their status and not treat them like lepers. Anytime I’ve dated someone that’s been positive they’ve always told me half expecting me to not only end what might be starting immediately but to in a lot of cases cut off contact with them all together. All that seems a little harsh to me but like I said I KNOW not everybody is comfortable with that so handle it in your own life how you have to when it comes to dating but does that make that person instantly inelligable to be a friend as well? Ask yourself, if you met someone and they told you they had cancer or some other terminal illness would you cut them off all together? Or is it, that you assume that they must be in some way “loose” or “classless” to have possibly contracted their situation from a sexual encounter? Besides with the new medications and a fairly healthy lifestyle people are living longer and longer and many view it as closer to chronic and manageable rather than terminal. I say all this because I just read about a 13 year old that was being denied admission to a private school because of his status, it angered and saddened me. The fact that a kid would be made to feel that way over something he probably had no control over in the first place I mean even if we’re being judgmental I highly doubt that this 13 year old was cruising bath houses and seedy gay nightclubs having unprotected sex with strangers. I can also fully understand parents wanting to take care of their kids but shouldn’t we raise our kids to be smarter than we are? Why not take it as an opportunity to educate your kids, and maybe even yourselves, about HIV/AIDS and maybe even, dare I say it, SEX…what’s that? Because your child isn’t going to have sex until they’re married? Oh yeah, just like you didn’t. Sorry to soapbox on you guys I’m just tired of people acting like it’s this unspeakable thing and going into a panic over what in most cases you would NEVER be exposed to in any every day life situation. As for me personally I will continue to do jokes on AIDS/HIV for as long as it keeps finding its way in and out of my life just like with anything else. I will also continue to choose not to pass on people just because they might have it. I’ve grown from my relationships (dating and friendships) with HIV positive people as much as and in some cases more than any other relationships I’ve had and met some pretty GREAT people along the way. They just happen to be HIV positive.


Btw, I’ll be funny and fun again tomorrow and if you have an interest in the story I mentioned about the 13 yo here is the the link to it: 13 yo

If you’re as bothered as I was send an e-letter to the school letting them know here’s the link to that: Take Action

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  • Sherrie

    Thai I Have never look at HIV in the way you described in your blog and I just want to thank you for opening my eyes and helping me to see that HIV/AIDS is manageable… I have never ran away from a person in a positive status but I will admit to acting a bit different and after reading this I have to say it will never happen again!!!! Thanks Thai

  • Thai

    Thanks so much Sherrie. Nice to know somebody is paying attention :-)

  • http://ThaiRiveira Tutu K

    Saw you for the first time last night.
    I enjoyed your comedy. Being honest without being vulgar.
    I look forward to seeing you again.